Welcome to Rickards High School

Greetings to all students, parents, faculty, staff, community partners and alumni! I am so excited to welcome you to James S. Rickards High School, where we create academic success stories, one student at a time.

Our outstanding students that come from all over the world, along with dynamic teachers with diverse portfolios, many of whom are Rickards High graduates, which incorporate best practices while integrating the latest technologies into their classrooms. We have an energetic administrative team with a wealth of experience that unwaveringly sustains and maintains the integrity of our curriculums, while the exceptional members of our support staff are committed to ensuring that our school operates smoothly and efficiently. We have wonderful parental support in addition to our hardworking Student Council Advisory Committee and Title I Parent groups. Our remarkable community partners and leaders are among the top businesses, universities/colleges, hospitals, and governmental offices and provide our students with internships, job opportunities, scholarships, admissions, and more.

As my ninth year as Principal of James S. Rickards high school, I am proud to say that we are nationally ranked in Mu Alpha Theta, United States of America Mathematical Olympiad, and our Marching Band. We surpassed last year's total in scholarship dollars by reaching an unprecedented $5 million. We continually excel and surpass levels on state and college assessments, and have the highest percentage of IB college graduates.

I cannot express how proud I am of our achievements and look forward to welcoming you to the James S. Rickards High School family.

Douglas E. Cook




  • Student-Teacher Ratio of 21:1

  • Advanced Placement participation: 51%

    More than half of the student population is enrolled in AP.

  • Graduation rate: 92%

    92% of all students graduate on time in the last four years.

  • Award winning Mu Alpha Theta Club

    The prestigious mathematics honor society students recently earned 4th place in the sweepstakes, marking the 20th consecutive year Rickards has placed in the top ten - the longest active winning streak of any math team in Florida.

  • Accelerated Courses

    Honors and accelerated courses are available to all students.

  • Highly Qualified Faculty

    40% hold master’s degrees and five faculty members hold doctorate degrees.

About Our School

James S. Rickards High School offers multiple career-readiness curriculum for choices in academia, health, technology, and various professional disciplines. The education of the “whole person” takes on a special significance at Rickards High School, when knowledge continues to expand dramatically and when advanced technologies and global economies have connected different cultures. It is for this reason we believe it’s essential to provide our students with academic training that define their values and provide opportunities that will enable them to succeed in an ever changing world. In addition to the special programs we offer here at Rickards High, we currently have over 45 active clubs on campus. Some of our clubs are state and nationally ranked: Science Olympiad, Robotics, Model UN, and our Award-winning Mu Alpha Theta.

Along with prestigious academic offerings, Rickards has a variety of athletic and sports opportunities. We have earned district, regional, and state championship titles in Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, Boys Football, Swimming, Track & Field, Softball, Competitive Cheerleading, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, and Volleyball to name a few.

Well-rounded Musical Education

Rickards High Band known for their "90° marching"

Rickards musical education program is challenging and enjoyable. The high school band, with over 100 members, has earned number awards, performed at the 2007 Orange Bowl in Miami and had a cameo in the HBO movie Recount.

Learning Beyond the Core Curriculum

Rickards offers a rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

The IB program is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of our highly motivated students. Its comprehensive curriculum provides students of different linguistic, cultural, and educational backgrounds with the intellectual, social, and critical perspectives necessary for them to succeed in a competitive modern world. Our students are often accorded advanced standing in college, based on their IB work and they go on to attend prominent colleges and universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, MIT, the University of Chicago, and other prominent institutions.

Teacher of The Year 2019–2020

Rickards H.S.

Teacher of the Year

Roosevelt Sea

Roosevelt Sea has been an educator for 11 years and teaches AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) 1 and 2. Among his many leadership roles at Rickards, Mr. Sea has served as a Department Chair, the Student Government Association Sponsor, Yearbook Sponsor, Assistant Girls Weightlifting Coach, and Senior Class Sponsor.

School History

Accredited IB World School

James S. Rickards was Broward County’s Superintendent of Schools from 1920 to 1929, having first served as a high school teacher and then principal of Fort Lauderdale High School. With our accredited IB World School located in the heart of Southside Tallahassee, James S. Rickards High School carries on its namesakes’ legacy with a rich cultural history from its opening in the 1960s through its renovation in the early 2000s. It is now poised to launch into the next chapter of significant growth with the entire campus remodeled to reflect the career preparation needs of 21st-century scholars. Currently in use are brand new, state-of-the-art classrooms, and an updated track and athletic fields among the ongoing, remodeling changes.