Welcome to Kate Sullivan Elementary School

Greetings Kate Sullivan Elementary School Community! My name is Michael Bryan and I am the lucky individual that gets to be principal of this great school. At Kate Sullivan, we believe that all students deserve the best education we can provide. To that end, we make it a top priority to deliver the individual support and acceleration that students need to become their best, but always in a challenging and nurturing environment. While core academics are our top priority, we are also committed to supporting the Arts and character development for our students which is vital on their path to becoming successful adults. It is my goal each and every day to make sure that all students are safe, comfortable, and engaged in the learning process and that the teachers are more than prepared to give them the best learning experience ever. I hope you will consider becoming a part of the Kate Sullivan family.

Michael Bryan




  • Student-Teacher Ratio of 20:1

  • 2018 Leon County Schools Mentor of the Year & Florida Champion of Service Award

    Sam Rogers, a longtime mentor, and volunteer at Kate Sullivan

  • Champion of Service Award

    Math Academy in conjunction with Cobb Middle Beta Club

  • Leon County Schools “Teacher of the Year”

    Three recipients from Kate Sullivan since 2010

About Our School

At Kate Sullivan Elementary School, we pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded education for all of our learners. Among our special programs is LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Program). This program provides acceleration in reading and math for our advanced kindergartners and first graders. Additionally, all of our students are involved in our leadership development activities wherein they track their own progress and maintain this information in their data notebooks or on a classroom Data Chart. Then, at the end of each grading period, we celebrate their successes in our Honor Roll Pep Rallies that feature music, games, and special guests. In these exciting events, honor roll students are recognized along with our “Crocs with Character.”

We have a very active Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) in addition to LEAP for providing enrichment and acceleration to our advanced learners. At the same time, though, we have extensive support systems in place for our struggling learners as well as our English Language Learners (ELL). In fact, our Math Academy under the leadership of Mr. Rwito and volunteers Matt and Kathy Mears provides one-on-one tutoring to our fourth graders each and every morning before school starts. We also have an engaging STEM program under the direction of Amon Rwito wherein we have a functioning Weather Station as well as a Wind Turbine that provides electricity to one of our portables. Currently, we are making plans for an “Arts Garden” on our campus.

As next-door neighbors, Kate Sullivan Elementary and Cobb Middle School have the unique opportunity to smooth students’ transition to middle school. They collaborate throughout the year to support students in advanced academics and foster safety and security as they transition to the next stage of their lives. Fifth-grade students may choose to take an elective course such as robotics or French on Cobb’s campus. Opportunities such as these allow students to become familiar with the teachers, students, and rhythm of middle school so they can feel calm and confident on their first day of sixth grade.

There is something for everyone at Kate Sullivan Elementary!


Learning media production

Kate Sullivan has its own news studio — WKSM. Fifth graders serve as anchors, camera crew, computer technicians and much more. The news goes live every day featuring school news, weather, special features, special guests and commentary from school administration.

Innovative Arts and Music

There’s something for everyone at Kate Sullivan

Students have had works of the visual arts in the FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Leon County School Board Office, Leon County Public Library, City Hall and Downtown Market. As for the music department, the fourth and fifth-grade chorus and strings groups perform for community events, like the Veterans Day program.

Teacher of The Year 2019–2020

Kate Sulivan Elementary

Teacher of the Year

Caitlin Maloney

Ms. Maloney is a strong instructional leader. She has been teaching for five years, and currently teaches third grade. Among her many strengths is the ability to plan and organize which translates into variety and differentiation in her lessons. Her expectations are high and her lessons are always centered on state standards and grade level expectations. She models professionalism each and every day, and her dedication and professionalism are second to none. Ms. Maloney serves as the Third Grade Team Leader and she co-chairs the Sunshine Committee.

School History

Established In 1948

Kate Sullivan Elementary School has a current enrollment of 705 students and is located in midtown Tallahassee. It was established in 1948 and the main red brick building was constructed in 1949 which made it the third elementary school in Tallahassee. Kate Sullivan Elementary School was named for Kate Sullivan who was an outstanding elementary school teacher for nearly 50 years.